Lithium Polymer Battery

With having 20.8Ah (Wh) capacity, our range of Lithium Polymer Battery is preferred over other types of batteries in terms of its performance and life cycle. Widely used in various electrical systems, this battery is rechargeable and its repeated recharging does not affect its original quality. A special type of solid polymer composite is used for its fabrication. This polyacrylonitrile composite helps to minimize the possibility of burst and flame. Due to its low self discharge rate, this battery does not have memory effect. Moreover, it takes minimal duration to charge and thus helps to save energy. Better volume energy rate, unique weight energy rate, environment friendly standard, polyswitch free design, short circuit and over discharge protection capacity are its main attributes.


  • Lithium Polymer Battery has spiral shaped internal structure.
  • The cathode part of this battery is made of bronze film made current collector and carbon sheet Li-ion collector.
  • It can work parallel direction.
  • Precise shape
Lithium Polymer Battery

Lithium Polymer Battery

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