LOG Battery Packs

Battery offered under our Log Battery Packs is used for smooth operation of various power tools. These Eco friendly battery packs include lithium ion battery with rechargeable feature. The application of these battery packs can be noticed in home appliances, security systems, lighting systems and so on. Advanced battery management system installed inside these products is effective in acting against short circuit, over discharge, over charge and over drain. These 35 kg battery packs have 42.0V cut off voltage, 58.8V charging voltage and 51.2V nominal voltage. These Log Battery Packs are offered with connector and IP65 box. Easy to install, these have long life cycle. Free from harmful cadmium, lead and mercury, these battery packs are listed among Eco-friendly batteries.


  • These do not contain toxic mercury, lead and cadmium.
  • These have long life span.
  • Reliable performance
  • High energy storage capacity
51.2V 60Ah LOG Battery Packs

51.2V 60Ah LOG Battery Packs

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